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Mars with Big Bertha

Big Bertha's first glimpse of Mars . Shot for about an hour. It was challenging as everytime I moved the scope went off target bc of my wobbly roof... and as I hadn't properly polar aligned mars kept drifting off the sensor. Focus is a bit off I think and in all honesty Bertha's old focuser is a bit stiff and that makes it almost impossible to keep mars still whilst focusing. But she's a good old girl and all these problems are fixable!


Telescope: Big Bertha 10inch F6 Newtonian

Mount: Big old clockwork drive

Camera: ZWO ASI178 (same camera I talk about on this page)

Filters: Baader RGB and IR - I used lots of IR

Post Processing

Stacking: Autostakkert

Sharpening: Pixinsight

Denoise: Topaz

Derotate: winjupos

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