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Exploding galaxy back from the print shop:

Just got back the Big Amateur Telescope's shot of that exploding galaxy M82 and its evil buddy (whose proximity is triggering the explosion) M81. I've discovered (thx Cathrin) a company in London which can print onto Kodak metallic paper which is really important for making space shots look cool. Stefan (with help from other bat members) did a fine job of processing the 300 hours plus of data. Even so I expected the prints to be off on the first run... but they are really very good already. Well done Stefan. I might just tweak the brightness so that we can see all those hundreds of galaxies in the background a bit more clearly but on the whole I'm super happy. I'm hoping to sell these when the my video about shooting them drops. Proceeds will go first towards sending free prints to those who contributed to the image and if there is any money left over I'm keen to pay someone to produce an online portal so that bat members can easily upload their data. Great stuff!

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