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I test out six telescopes which all cost less than £100 and discover that one of them is incredible! I am in fact so amazed with the performance of this telescope that I have no hesitation in declaring it a true nerd maker. The same basic telescope comes with many different badges and tripods of varying quality.

Which telescope is best for you? Me and my fellow astro geeks reveal the best budget telescope, the best telescope for observing, the best telescope for astrophotography and the best telescope all-rounder.

Can deep space lucky imaging turn my £700 rig into a £7,000,000 telescope?Fyi I think the UFO's we're military helicopters that spotted my scope and decided to check it out as I was pointing directly into the flight path of planes landing at Stanstead airport.

In this quest to see something travelling at the speed of light we stumble upon a forgotten branch of astronomy: Variable Nebula. These pulsating nebula have ripples of light flowing through them. It is my sincere wish that us amateurs club together to record these incredible space objects

Astrobiscuit takes on Stellina the astrophotography robot in a Deep Space shoot out.

Can a £600 astrophotography rig consisting of a telescope, camera and mount beat a £6000 rig in a deep space photography shoot out? Lets find out with the ultimate SPACEOFF!

Quest to find the next big breakthrough in our understanding of the Universe. A journey into some of the world’s greatest minds (Prof Donald Hoffman, Prof Stephen Wolfram, Prof Gerard t’Hooft) to find what could be the Answer to Life the Universe and Everything.

Mission to image one of the most challenging hi resolution astrophotography targets; the Blue Lake on the Moon (aka Ina).

Prof Donald Hoffman chatted to me over zoom earlier this year about his work on evolutionary game theory and what it means for theoretical physics. His interview, chopped down to just 4 minutes, was used in "The Next Great Big Breakthrough in Our Understanding of the Universe"

IMO Dave Woods from Dark Frame Optics knows more about commercial mounts for astrophotography than anyone else on the planet. In this video we ask him to tell us the best mounts for astrophotography.

I spotted this strange object through my telescope when I was filming Mars but what is it? Iposted the footage of this ufo on my astobiscuit facebook page and thousands of people thought they knew what it was! But did they? 

Astrobiscuit and Ricktenstien commentate live on the historic test flight of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket. We also find out what happened to the middle booster rocket although we haven't yet seen any footage of the crash. 





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